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About us.


Terra Dea (the latin meaning for Earth Goddess) is an Eco Luxe fashion brand with a genuine conscience. We truly love the Earth and Ocean and strive to make our collections as eco friendly and ethically made as we are able.  

Everything is currently made-to-order in the UK, in our studio based in the beautiful cotswolds by highly skilled local artisans, ensuring it is consciously made to a very high quality standard with minimal waste. We re-use and recycle literally every scrap! 

We currently donate 10% of our profits to WWF and aim to do even more for our planet as we grow. 

Image by John Jason

Terra Dea was launched in 2012 by Oxford born Designer Terri Hughes. 

Starting small with up-cycled vintage clothing & hand made jewellery selling at markets and online marketplaces. She has always been an eco warrior and naturally wanted to create a brand to go against the grain of standard fast fashion brands, creating not only "slow" fashion that is made to last, but ensuring Terra Dea is as eco and ethical as much as possible.


 After years of experience within retail buying, merchandising and marketing, as well as spending some time living in Los Angeles whilst interning for a major swimwear brand during her university years, it was only fitting that Terra Dea would eventually evolve in to the awesome beachwear brand it is today.  

Terri is an avid traveller and you can pretty much always find her at the beach or off somewhere sunny hiking or cycling, gaining inspiration for her collections and striving to learn about the world we live in.


Aside from caring for the planet, Terri's main passion in life is the care of animals. She despises creatures being exploited in the name of fashion, or anything else for that matter! She's always on a mission to save animals and the environment and is never satisfied that enough is being done. Hence why she chose to donate a portion of profits to charity. As the business grows she intends on becoming more and more involved in other ways we can help and always welcomes ideas and suggestions from our followers. 


Our clothing is made using high quality materials sourced from around the world. We search far and wide to source the most beautiful fabrics and we only use ethical, natural, organic, recycled and up-cycled materials wherever possible.


The Majority of our swimwear is made using ECONYL® regenerated nylon from waste such as old fishing nets, tulle and other landfill and ocean waste. It feels luxuriously soft and certainly meets the high quality standard our customers expect. It is suncream and oil resistant has excellent UV protection and is ultra-chlorine resistant.

In our natural clothing range - We use a whole host of natural, organic GOTs certified silks and cottons, hand woven, unbleached, naturally dyed and bamboo materials to name just a few. 

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